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White and Whole Wheat Dough made Daily… Traditional or Thin Crust

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free & Vegan


Everyone deserves to enjoy pizza, and we are proud to make that possible.


Gluten Free

A labor of love – we hand craft our own delicious gluten-free crust at the Halifax Seaport Market, away from our main kitchen so as to avoid cross-contaminates. We are proud to offer a wide array of options for those keeping gluten out of their intake; without the sacrifice in flavor.

We take every precaution to ensure cross-contamination does not occur, however pizza is being prepared in our kitchen that is not a gluten-free environment and we are therefore unable to guarantee any menu item is completely free of allergens


Dairy Free

We worked diligently to create a high-quality dairy-free cheese that is actually palatable. Since we were not pleased with any such cheese on the market, we stayed true to our roots and made our own, using Nova Scotia organic tofu, fresh local basil, and other flavourful ingredients. Ask to substitute dairy-free cheese on any pizza, wrap or salad. We also offer goat’s feta for those sensitive to cow’s dairy.


Vegan Pizza

Our traditional white and whole wheat crusts are 100% vegan. For a vegan pizza, simply choose white or whole wheat crust. Next, start with our signature tomato sauce, an olive oil & garlic glaze, or our house-made balsamic glaze as a base. Add any number of our fantastic veggie toppings, and ask for dairy-free, vegan cheese. Vegan pizza, just like that.



At Bramoso we believe the most important choices are the ones impacting our health, community and environment. The thinking is simple; quality local ingredients, carefully prepared with house-made recipes, make our food delicious yet healthy for you! We partner with the best farms, vineyards and specialty kitchens ensuring things are done right. We don't cut corners by using conventional ingredients. We source to create food that is great tasting, nutritious and sustainably produced. We're all about maintaining an equitable balance for our planet, our people, before profit. Why Bother? Because it makes a difference!

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